Retreats and Workshops

All these courses can be offered to writing groups, or at literary festivals etc on a bespoke basis. Please contact me to discuss.

Participants on previous courses said:

‘Very good value for money’, ‘The course is excellent and a must for anyone wishing to break into the women’s magazine market’, ‘Very supportive and constructive feedback’, ‘A fantastic day’.

Day Retreat For Writers

Come and spend a day with fellow writers being inspired, exercising your writing skills and sharing your work in a supportive atmosphere.

Sessions include …

Ideas are everywhere – an interactive session focussed on sourcing ideas and making them work.

Free writing session. Take one of your new ideas and start turning it into a story.

Question and answer session. Group discussion of markets, subbing, other directions for your writing, or anything else.

A chance to read out work and get feedback. You can read out what you wrote earlier, or bring something along with you to read out if you prefer.

What next? Goal setting and any final questions.

Write A Short Story In A Day

This workshop is a very active one in which you will source an idea for a new short story aimed at a specific market and write as much of a first draft of it as possible.

We will work on exercises to stimulate ideas and develop plots and there will be plenty of free writing time.
In order to get the most out of this course, it will be helpful if you can do a little preparation beforehand, and this will be outlined when you receive your confirmation of booking.

Insight Into The Women’s Magazine Fiction Market

This workshop will look at writing for the increasingly tough and sadly shrinking women’s magazine market. So if you’ve been writing for a while and want to find out more about this market, this workshop could be for you.

The one day workshop is aimed at people who are interested in writing for the women’s magazine market. It will assume some existing experience of writing short stories and offer help to those who have not yet started to submit stories but would like to, and people who have been submitting for a while but want to increase their chances of success.

The market at the moment is very tough, and there are no guarantees of success, but you can maximise your chances by finding out as much about the market as possible.

We will cover:

• The current state of the market;
• How to tailor stories for particular magazines;
• Making sure your story stands out from the rest;
• What to avoid doing;
• Rewriting stories for a different market.

Moving On Short Story Workshop

This course will be practically based and will help participants work towards the first draft of a story for their chosen women’s magazine market.

We will cover:

Coming up with a killer idea including mind-mapping and treasure-mapping techniques;
Thinking of a great title, but not being afraid to let go of it;
The difference between a twist and a surprise;
Creating great characters and writing convincing dialogue;
Using themes and motifs to lift your story out of the ordinary.

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